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Chair Cover With Skirt

Chair cover with skirt

  • MATERIAL: 100% wrinkle and stain resistant stretch spandex
  • Thickness: 130/180/300 or customized
  • COLOR: Multiple Colors Available
  • CHAIR TYPE: Fits any standard folding chairs &banquet chairs
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable with warm water in gentle cycle. Use normal detergent. Whites are bleach-safe. Don’t wash different colors together 

Chair cover with Skirt(Multiple Colors Available)

Color option

Thickness option for different application

Thickness Option Benefits
130gsm Light Weight Easy to handle and install
- Suitable for warm-weather events
- Cost-effective choice
180gsm Standard Weight - Balanced weight for various occasions
- Durable and long-lasting
- Ideal for most events
300gsm Heavy Weight - Premium thickness and feel
- Exceptional durability
- Suitable for formal events and upscale venues
-Best product for rental business

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