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Table runner

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Regular table runner size

we suggest choosing a table runner that is at least 12" longer than the table. For dining tables that are between 50" and 60" long, opt for a table runner that is 72".

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Runner Detail

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Tips for using Table runner

Using a table runner is a simple way to enhance the decor of your dining area, and there are various ways to style them depending on the occasion and your personal preference. Here’s a guide on how to use a table runner effectively:

Choosing the Right Table Runner

  1. Length: Ensure the table runner is the appropriate length for your table. It should hang over each end of the table by about 6 to 15 inches.
  2. Width: A typical table runner is about 1/3 the width of your table and should be centered.

Placement and Styling

  1. Center Placement: The most common way to place a table runner is to lay it down the center length of the table. It should lie flat and extend over both ends of the table for a traditional look.
  2. Across the Width: For a more contemporary look, especially on a smaller table or when you want to highlight place settings, lay the runner across the width of the table. You might use multiple runners to create this effect for each place setting.
  3. Layering: Place the table runner over a tablecloth for a layered look. This can add depth and interest to your table setting. Ensure the colors and patterns complement each other.
  4. Bare Table: For a minimalist aesthetic, lay the runner on a bare table. This works particularly well with attractive wood or glass tables.
  5. Multiple Runners: Use two or more runners to create a grid or layered pattern on the table. This can be particularly striking for large tables or buffet settings.

Occasions and Decor

  1. Formal Events: For formal dinners or weddings, consider elegant materials like silk or lace. The runner should be placed neatly down the center with equal overhang on both ends.
  2. Casual Settings: For everyday or casual gatherings, feel free to experiment with fun colors, patterns, and materials like burlap or linen.
  3. Seasonal Decor: Reflect the season or holiday with themed runners. For instance, autumnal colors for Thanksgiving, bright florals for spring, or red and green for Christmas.

Additional Tips

  • When setting the table, consider placing centerpieces, candles, or other decorations on top of the runner to anchor it and add visual interest.
  • Iron or steam the table runner before use to remove wrinkles for a crisp appearance.
  • If you’re using a particularly valuable or heirloom table, consider the material of the runner and its potential to scratch or interact with the table’s finish.

By selecting the appropriate table runner and placing it thoughtfully, you can significantly enhance the ambiance and theme of any meal or event. Whether it’s a daily family dinner, a special holiday gathering, or a formal event, a well-chosen and placed table runner can make all the difference.


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