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Tailored Tablecloths for Your Unique Vision: Let's Create Together

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30 colors


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Best seller







30 colors

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Customization steps for tablecloth

  1. Select Tablecloth Type: Choose the type of tablecloth you need, such as round, square, or rectangular, and specify the shape and size of your table.

  2. Choose Material: Select the material for your tablecloth. Common options include polyester, satin, and Velvet. Consider factors like durability, texture, and appearance.

  3. Pick Color and Pattern: Decide on the color and pattern that matches your event theme or decor. You can choose solid colors, prints, or even custom patterns.

  4. Select Size: Measure your table carefully and choose the tablecloth size that provides the desired drop length (how much it hangs over the table’s edge) for your preferred style.

  5. Add LOGO: Provide the specific details and design preferences.

  6. Choose Hem Finish: Decide on the hem finish for the tablecloth edges. Options may include a plain hem, rolled hem, or serged edge, depending on the material and style.

  7. Inspect and Use: Upon receiving your customized tablecloth, inspect it for any defects or discrepancies. Use it to enhance the decor of your event or venu

01/ Round Table

Size: 24-96inch (2-14 persons)


6-Foot Rectangle Table (72 inches x 30 inches): 8-Foot Rectangle Table (96 inches x 30 inches): 10-Foot Rectangle Table (120 inches x 30 inches): 12-Foot Rectangle Table (144 inches x 30 inches):

03/customized shape

Oval and other Shape

How to measure a table

  1. Measure the Table’s Dimensions:

    • Measure the length (longest side) and width (shortest side) of your table in inches or centimeters. Use a tape measure or a ruler for precise measurements.
  2. Determine the Desired Drop Length:

    • Decide on the drop length you want for your tablecloth. The drop length is how much the tablecloth hangs over the edge of the table. Common drop lengths are 6 inches (15 cm) for a standard drop, 12 inches (30 cm) for a formal drop, and 24 inches (60 cm) for a floor-length drop.
  3. Calculate the Tablecloth Size:

    • To calculate the length of the tablecloth, add the table’s length plus twice the desired drop length.
      • Tablecloth Length = Table Length + (2 x Desired Drop Length)
    • To calculate the width of the tablecloth, add the table’s width plus twice the desired drop length.
      • Tablecloth Width = Table Width + (2 x Desired Drop Length)
  4. Choose the Appropriate Size:

    • Based on your calculations, choose a tablecloth size that closely matches the dimensions you’ve determined. Round up to the nearest available size if necessary.

We Provide

Edge Hemming Options

Two option for table 

1. Rolled Hemmed egdge

2. Ultrasound burn Embossed edge. 

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